Cablu Interconect XLR Atohm ZEF Modul XLR

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The ZEF MODULATION cable is assembled using the finest materials: conductors individually coated with Fluoropolymer (FEP) and cable insulation with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), dual conduction structure with OCC copper and silver-plated Ultra-Cast OFC, anodized aluminum shield and silver-plated Ultra-Cast OFC copper shielding. The ideal geometric design and shielding ensure perfect protection against any external interference such as EMI and RF. With its dual conduction system, this cable can be used for both symmetric and asymmetric connections. In addition, the cables can be equipped with either superb RCA plugs, manufactured on digital control machine tools with Fluoropolymer insulation and coaxial cable tightening, or professional quality XLR connectors.

Two standard ZEF MODULATION cable pairs are available: 2 x 0.6m or 2 x 1m with a choice of XLR or RCA connectors (identically priced). Our aim is to satisfy all types of request, so cables longer than 1m may be assembled on a custom basis. (Ask your dealer for further details).

Due to its high quality performances, the ZEF MODULATION cable can also be used for all digital links (CD, DVD or CONVERTER...).

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Producator Atohm
Garantie 24 luni
Specificatii tehnice

Length : 2*0.6 m and 2* 1 m / tailor-made if longer
Terminals : XLR

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